Executive Roundtable

Taking The Lead On Mental Health

Join an intimate group of like-minded business executives for real, open, and transparent discussions about what it means to lead out on mental health.

An Executive Roundtable Designed To Solve Real Problems Today.

By Invitation Only

To preserve the integrity and purpose of the roundtable, only leaders of companies with full-time employees are invited to attend.

Expert Led Discussions

Guiding the conversations are those who are at the forefront of innovation, health, and leadership.

Small Group Size

Meaningful discussions are important to this day. We are creating an environment where rich conversations can happen. 


A meaningful day on mental health would not be complete without a stellar mental health break. Get ready for an experience like no other.

10:30 AM - 5:30 PM

June 19th, 2024

Salt Lake City

$99 / Person

Free for Wellness Collective Members

Leading By Example

Galen Murdock, Sharemy.health CEO, will kick off the day sharing why a culture of positive mental health is important to him, and why transparency with his own mental health is critical.

Disruptive Thinking

Covid disrupted everything about workplace dynamics. The only viable solutions will be equally disruptive. Courage is required.

Mental Health Break

A little break in the middle of the day with archery tag is going to clear our minds and add in some adrenaline, dopamine, and seratonin before we dig deep. Nothing beats getting in some fun and healthy activity at the same time.

Reality Check

We can’t move forward if we don’t know where we really are. Get ready to have your mind blown.  Catherine Van Tassel, Director of Behavioral Health consulting at GBS Benefits, is going to show us what discussions around mental health should feel like, and open our eyes and ears to a whole new way of thinking.

Collaboration & Commitments

At the end of the day, its about what we do with what we know. We will brainstorm, we will collaborate. We will make commitments. This is not for wimps.

Speaker Information

Galen Murdock

Catherine Van Tassel

James Keddington


Galen is the Co-founder and CEO of ShareMy.Health. 

ShareMy.Health powers mental wellbeing in the workplace for employees, employers, and providers. Over 100 million Americans struggle with anxiety, depression, and addiction. Through expert professional care, peer support, medication management, and AI-powered insights, employees get better help and employers increase engagement, retention, and revenue. ShareMy.Health serves prominent global organizations in the Fortune 100, professional sports, events, and worldwide humanitarian organizations.

Catherine is the Director of Behavioral Health Consulting for GBS Benefits. where she consults with clients on their employee mental health needs, provides mental health trainings including Mental Health First Aid, advises on policy changes, and implements effective mental health solutions.

She also co-teaches the psychiatry course for Physician Assistant students at the University of Utah and practices medicine at Mora Medical, focusing on disease prevention and reversal through Lifestyle Medicine. 


James is the Founder of Better Me Nation.

After experiencing extreme burnout at work and life, James transitioned from a 20-year career in marketing to the health and wellness space.

After having gone back to school for an education in Integrative Health and Nutrition, he now helps growing companies build wellness programs that employees actually want to use.

The Wellness Collective is a program from BetterMe Nation for growing companies who want meaningful corporate health and wellness programming.


You are a leader who cares.

You know your people work hard and want to make a difference. Not just a work, but in every aspect of their life. You also know that their life is faced with hardship. Oftentimes that hardship impacts their ability to do great work; at home, in their community, and at work.

You know that when their capacity to overcome the hard stuff is optimized, their capability to become their best self is dramatically increased.

That is why you are here. To be with others who, like you, care about the people they work with.


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