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The Details

Tired Of Working Alone On Your Goals?

Then join the Goal Getters.

  • Group accountability
  • Weekly challenges
  • Contests and prizes
  • Weekly education series
  • Productivity tools
  • Celebrate with others

How It Works

Each week the, Goal Getters, group does three things:

  • Report on previous weeks goals
  • Declare activity intentions for current weeks goals.
  • Learn a new power habit.
  • Challenge participation.

This group will interact on Facebook.

If you cannot commit to those four things each week – this group is not for you.

Elevate Your Ambitions


Week 1: Setting and Executing On Goals

Week 2-11: Goal Reporting, Power Habit Focus, Weekly Challenges

Week 12: Celebration, Final Goal Report Out

What happens when you sign up?
After you sign up you will get a welcome email, instructions for how to get a great start, and an invitation to join the private Goal Getters Facebook group.

You will be committing to three things:

  1. Have a goal you are working on, and work on it each week.
  2. Report each week to the group your progress.
  3. Participate in the weekly challenges.

If you can make the weekly live classes on the Power Habits, that is awesome. But we realize everyone has a different schedule, so it won’t be possible. If you can’t make it, watching or listening to the recording will help you with the weekly challenge. Each class will be less than 20 minutes.


Final Step

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