Better Me Coaching

Overcome and Become

Confidently Overcome The Hard Stuff Life Throws At You. Ambitiously Become Your Best Self.

Nobody wants to feel stuck. Even worse is bottoming out on energy, ambition, and a desire to thrive. Settling for the lot in life we have is not our only option.

Getting out of a rut and rebounding from burnout or a midlife crisis requires us to think, do, and be different. We cannot do that if our capacity to change is limited by belief, knowledge, and capability.

Better Me Nation Coaching helps people increase their capacity for growth. As our capacity for growth expands, the dysfunctional aspects of our life diminish, the impact of hardship lessons, and our ambitious goals become reality.

How long are the coaching programs?

Private coaching typically is arranged in 6 month agreements, meeting every other week for 1-hour.

Individual preferences and needs can increase frequency to 1x per week. Other adjustments can also be made. 

What kind of coaching does Better Me Nation focus on?
Coaching with Better Me Nation is all about Health and Human Performance

As such, during our coaching sessions we focus on three core aspects:

  1. Your specific goals
  2. Increasing your growth capacity
  3. Developing Disciplines around goal achievement

Your specific goals
We are all unique and all face unique challenges. For some of us, we are facing health and wellness challenges that we want to overcome. Others, it may be rebounding from burnout, making more meaningful contributions to relationships, overcoming certain fears, or creating new and better lifestyle changes to improve happiness.

Whatever is important to you, is important to us.

Increasing growth capacity
We are all capable of achieving amazing things. More often than not though, that capability is hindered by things in our control. When this happens our health is compromised, making it difficult to achieve our goals, and sometimes, even diminish our ambition.

To improve our growth capacity, we focus on 10 Proven Lifestyle protocols that improve every category of health: brain, mental, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. When one area of health is compromised, it takes a toll on the others. When one area of health is excelling, it supports the others.

When we can elevate every category of health, it becomes very obvious what is out of our control that is inhibiting our capacity, and we can get the specific help we need.

Additionally, we also do a lot of mindset training and re-framing to get past the negative narratives that we tell ourselves, that keeps us from our greatest potential.

Goal Achievement Discipline
Knowing the goal is easy. Measuring it, not taking on too much, building appropriate routines, understanding when and how to pivot when things don’t go as planned, and maintaining discipline is the hard part. So, we help you do all of that.



Is Group Coaching Offered
Group coaching is available. It is a 12-week program.

In group coaching we primarily focus on increasing capacity by having a weekly focus on one of the ten proven lifestyle protocols for improving every category of health. The other two weeks are dedicated to mindset and and goal setting.

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